About this job:

WINGS WorldQuest is looking for a dedicated undergraduate student to assist the Communications Associate and Managing Director in all aspects of this small but mighty NGO. Projects can include: research and administrative support for fundraising campaigns, programming research and support, implementing social media strategy and increasing engagement, and event planning and implementation. This internship will sometimes require working from home, but the intern is also expected to attend weekly meetings with the Managing Director at our office in Manhattan on East 42nd Street. 

This internship is a great opportunity to get real hands-on experience with an NGO and offers various learning opportunities. You will report directly to the Managing Director and be responsible for your own projects - No Coffee Runs! You may have the opportunity to work directly on our annual gala and explorer forum. Please note that the internship is unpaid; however, school credit is available. 

Responsibilities may include:

  • Staying up to date with current events involving women in STEM and recommending social media oposts

  • Researching trending topics in women, science and exploration for social media content

  • Assisting in the drafting, proofreading and/or editing of newsletters and reports

  • Managing and updating website

  • Working with the Managing Director on contacting Fellows and Flag Carriers

  • Organizing and managing files on hard drives

  • Helping to set up and manage an interorganizational directory

To apply:

Please submit a cover letter and resume to


About this opportunity:

WINGS has opportunities for individuals interested in giving back to the community of women in science and exploration that we serve. We have opportunities for those with computer skills to assist in our marketing and communications efforts. Tasks might include research, writing and other adminitrative duties. 

Volunteers are welcome to meet with us in our office in Manhattan on East 42nd Street, but work can also be done remotely. The hours are flexible.

To learn more, please send an email to

About WINGS WorldQuest

WINGS WorldQuest recognizes and supports extraordinary women in science and exploration. Through the Fellows and Flag Carrier programs, WINGS creates community and showcases the groundbreaking work of women scientists and explorers, whose discoveries advance scientific inquiry, stimulate conservation, and lead to better understanding of our world. WINGS’ outreach programs provide a platform for women scientists and explorers to share their work and inspire the next generation of intrepid explorers and global problem-solvers. To date, WINGS has honored 120 extraordinary explorers through its Women of Discovery Awards and Fellows Program and provided close to $670,000 in research and field support, monies that in many cases have proven critical to continued study.